Where did you first hear about ACTA?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Wikileaks leaked ACTA documents censored by Australia (Oh, the irony)

Wikileaks is the main site for whistleblowers. They have leaked thousands of documents on corrupt businesses and government practices. Well, they are on Australia’s blacklist. This is censorship at its greatest. We have seen this before in history and this needs to end.

China censors the web and no body goes to help them.

Australia censors the web and no body goes to help them.

Europe censors the web and no body goes to help them

Canada censors the web and no body is left to help me.

This needs to stop. This needs to end. We need to all stand up and fight as one single entity. They can censor one of us but they can’t censor all of us if fight. Spread the words everyone show everyone what the government is passing. What your governments are doing. This is the last bit real news we have left before everything is controlled for us.


  1. I'm following you. I really need to catch up on the ACTA news, I'm quite behind.

  2. ATCA.

  3. Good info on the ACTA.
    I really hope we can do something to block this from becoming law. I like my privacy.
    Following you now.

  4. wikileaks...u so cwazy