Where did you first hear about ACTA?

Saturday, September 4, 2010

IFM Anti Acta Video Posted


"For many years, we have lived a free people under the internet.
It is here that we have built our communities. 
It is here that we confess our fears and nurture our aspirations. 
It is here that we share our thoughts and our hopes.
It is here that we speak our minds. 

Though our communities have been at odds with one another, we all share a common belief. 
This belief underlies the very foundation of our freedom: that the great commons of human thought, 
culture and emotion shall never be enclosed. 

Take pride in this world that you have helped create.
Without you, it would be little more than a sterile tangle of wires.
Yet even as you reflect upon all that has been accomplished, danger looms in the shadows of boardrooms and closed retreats.

The pretentious autocrats who dominate the world outside our refuge seek to devour all that we have built. 
They wish to turn our medium of association into their vehicle of exploitation, 
to defile our homeland until no voice is heard except for theirs. 

Large censorship projects are already underway in China, Australia and the European Union.
Meanwhile, the tyrants seek to legitimize their encroachment upon that which is yours
through international legislation taking the form of an Anti-Counterfitting Trade Agreement.
The political puppets of those who see you as a means to their end are drafting a letter of marque
permitting that which is yours to become theirs.

It is the duty of all men, united, to oppose this licentious affront to our liberties.
It is especially fitting that we, the children of the information age, should stand in the vanguard of this struggle. 
We, more than any generation before us, have partaken of the fruit which the tyrants and autocrats seek to forbid.
The fruit of free expression, free association and free thought: it is our birthright, and we will rise to defend it.

The clouds of war are gathering. 
The time has come for each and every one of you to stand up and be counted.
We are many, yet in these times, we shall stand as one.
One cause. 
One voice.
One nation under the internet."

If you aren't already convinced, I suggest you watch this video.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

ACTA in a nutshell.

-It allows them to censor the internet.
-It allows them to search your iPods and computers randomly without giving a reason.
-It allows them to confiscate your iPods and computers without giving a reason
-It allows them to monitor what you do online
-It allows them to block websites deemed "unacceptable", without limit
-It will ban p2p technology, like uTorrent
-It will allow ISPs to PERMANENTLY Ban you from using the internet, without a trial.
-It will allow arrests based on the content you search.
-In a nutshell, they're basically taking your freedom and raping it hard.

Wikileaks leaked ACTA documents censored by Australia (Oh, the irony)

Wikileaks is the main site for whistleblowers. They have leaked thousands of documents on corrupt businesses and government practices. Well, they are on Australia’s blacklist. This is censorship at its greatest. We have seen this before in history and this needs to end.

China censors the web and no body goes to help them.

Australia censors the web and no body goes to help them.

Europe censors the web and no body goes to help them

Canada censors the web and no body is left to help me.

This needs to stop. This needs to end. We need to all stand up and fight as one single entity. They can censor one of us but they can’t censor all of us if fight. Spread the words everyone show everyone what the government is passing. What your governments are doing. This is the last bit real news we have left before everything is controlled for us.

Join the live chat IRC!

Almost always people in here doing anything they can to spread the word about ACTA, check it out!

What is ACTA about ?

Negotiations on a new Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) were launched
in 2007. The negotiations are still ongoing. There is, at this stage, no agreed text.

The goal of the ACTA negotiations is to provide an international framework that
improves the enforcement of intellectual property right (IPR) laws. It does not
purport to create new intellectual property rights, but to create improved
international standards as to how to act against large-scale infringements of IPR.

This goal is pursued through three primary components of ACTA:
(i) international cooperation;
(ii) enforcement practices; and
(iii) legal framework for enforcement of IPRs.

This means infringing upon your given rights to anonymity, and the ability to track and censor the internet at their demand. Your PC, iPod, Laptop, Cell Phone, and Digital Cameras can be searched without a warrant.